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Niven Morgan

Established in 1998, Niven Morgan started building a story of candles, soaps, lotions, spa products and home scents with inspirations drawn from his excursions as well as childhood memories of his family’s Louisiana farm. He finds inspirations everywhere he goes, everywhere he walks, everywhere life takes him. St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans. The souks of Marrakech. By the sea in Mustique. Niven loves being outdoors and breathing in the aromas and seeing nature up close, so he travels the world capturing the essence of exotic and inspiring locales to serve as the spirit for products that he hopes lift yours.

    • Niven Morgan Jean Baptiste 1717 Candle
    • Jean Baptiste 1717 Candle

      Fill your home with Niven Morgan's Jean Baptiste 1717 using our fragrant candle.

    • Niven Morgan Prime Time Pre-Shave Cream
    • Prime Time Pre-Shave Cream

      Accelerate to a smoother shave with Niven Morgan's vitamin enriched pre-shave cream.

    • Niven Morgan NO 4 Hand Soap
    • NO 4 Hand Soap

      Our vitamin enriched formula is non-drying and scented with natures aromas of pomegranate, cassis & rhubarb.

    • Niven Morgan NO 1 Hand Soap
    • NO 1 Hand Soap

      Our vitamin enriched formula is non-drying and scented with natures aromas of lily, white tea & lemon zest.

    • Niven Morgan Winter Fig Candle
    • Winter Fig Candle

      Niven Morgan's Winter Fig is a seasonal, refreshing fragrance with a holiday twist. Unwrap the enveloping aroma of fresh fig, clove and fern needle.

    • Niven Morgan Jean Baptiste Bubble Bath
    • Jean Baptiste Bubble Bath

      Diminish stress and soak away your worries while enjoying a decadently scented bath. A unique blend of vitamins C, E, and chamomile are the perfect combination for relaxation. Our long lasting bubbles create the perfect soaking experience.

    • Niven Morgan Rue 1807 Two In One
    • Rue 1807 Two In One

      Get clean with our all over body wash and shampoo. Man made with you in mind. The cleansing power of a body wash formulated and combined with the essentials of a moisturizing shampoo. Lather up, rinse and live manly.

    • Niven Morgan NO 2 Hand Soap
    • NO 2 Hand Soap

      Our vitamin enriched formula is non-drying and scented with natures aromas of mandarin, teak & rosewood.

    • Niven Morgan Mud Mask, 4 oz.
    • Mud Mask, 4 oz.

      Black volcanic sand, charcoal powder and moisturizing, mineral rich mud gives you the power to detoxify your skin while giving you a smooth finish.

    • Niven Morgan Jean Baptiste 1717 Body Wash
    • Jean Baptiste 1717 Body Wash

      For shower and bath, our rich foaming gel is a luxuriously bracing spa formula that leaves your skin feeling fresh and delicately scented head to toe. Jean Baptiste Body Wash is enriched with vitamin E, soothing chamomile, comfrey and arnica extract.

    • Niven Morgan Lavender Mint Candle
    • Lavender Mint Candle

      Invigorate your senses with our Lavender Mint. Relax, breathe and enjoy this unique herbal blend. Fresh, cool mint is blended with lavender, clary sage, and spearmint to evoke an uplifting and aromatic scent.

    • Niven Morgan Rue 1807 Hand Lotion
    • Rue 1807 Hand Lotion

      Light, refreshing and non-greasy, this hydrating hand lotion is specifically formulated for quick absorption. Organic aloe vera blended with extracts of arnica, shea butter and algae restore and nourish.

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