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Featured Products
  • Nora Fleming Mini 24 Carrots
  • Mini 24 Carrots

    Not just for Easter! The carrot mini looks great all spring long!

  • Nora Fleming Triple Dish
  • Triple Dish

    This triple dish is practical and stylish in every way.

  •  Gold BBQ Sauce
  • Gold BBQ Sauce

    The mustard base gives this tangy South Carolina sauce its golden hue.

  •  Q-Rub Dry Rub
  • Q-Rub Dry Rub

    This all-purpose, salt-based rub with a dash of black pepper and garlic will add new life to all your favorite beef, pork, chicken, and turkey dishes.

  •  Carolina Dirt Dry Rub
  • Carolina Dirt Dry Rub

    This concoction is all youÕll need for your slow-cooked ribs and pulled pork.

  • Big Green Egg Big Green Egg Grilling Planks
  • Big Green Egg Grilling Planks

    Our planks also come from certified sustainable and food grade sources and are select cut for optimum flavor.

  • Big Green Egg Big Green Egg Calzone Press
  • Big Green Egg Calzone Press

    Viva Italiano! Spice up your next grilling night with tasty calzones made fresh with your favorite ingredients! Works great for filled pastries and stuffed turnovers too!

  •  Ivory BBQ Sauce
  • Ivory BBQ Sauce

    The sweet and tangy Northern Alabama original.

  •  Windrow Berry Bowl
  • Windrow Berry Bowl

    This useful bowl makes fruit both easy to clean and presents with crafted elegance.

  •  Milkjug Fireside Crock
  • Milkjug Fireside Crock

    Designed to live on the mantle or hearth, this wheel thrownÊstoneware crockÊis both decorative and functional.

  • Nora Fleming Pearl Garnish Dish
  • Pearl Garnish Dish

    Fill it with olives, limes, and lemon twists for a cocktail party, or with ketchup, mustard and relish for a BBQ! With this dish, the possibilities are endless!

  • Caldrea Caldrea Candles
  • Caldrea Candles

    Create a space with our Caldrea Candle, rich in essential oils exuded from a natural vegetable and beeswax base. Up to 45 hours of burn time.

  • Emile Henry Emile Henry Brioche
  • Emile Henry Brioche

    The Brioche dish (pronounced brie-osh), is designed to bake an impressive puffed brioche, a rich, buttery yeast bread beloved in France since the 19th century.

  • Emile Henry Emile Henry One Pot
  • Emile Henry One Pot

    The Faitout is a modern version of the traditional French one-pot casserole. The 8.9-inch tall, 2-quart capacity pot features a potbelly curve so that the top is wider than the bottom, ideal for reducing broth for rice and risotto.

  •  Devo Match Striker
  • Devo Match Striker

    uses strike anywhere matches, one bottle included

  • Le Creuset Salt Mills
  • Salt Mills

    Crafted to release maximum flavor when grinding salt or pepper, the colorful mills are durable and easy to clean.

  • Stonewall Kitchen Holiday Syrup
  • Holiday Syrup

    A beautiful pairing of sweet fruits with a hint of spice

  • Capri Blue Capri Blue Mercury Collection
  • Capri Blue Mercury Collection

    Turning a craze into a classic staple in no easy task, but that‰Ûªs exactly what we did with Mercury. Inspired by timeless, high-end luxury, this collection has been copied but never replicated.

    $21.50 Sold out
  • Capri Blue Capri Blue Metallic Collection
  • Capri Blue Metallic Collection

    The Capri Blue Holiday Collection is sure to be a favorite gift to give and receive this Holiday season! Available in Pink Peppermint and Capri Blue's Signature Volcano scent.

  • Nora Fleming Appetizer Board
  • Appetizer Board

    We are giddy over this square board with integrated ceramic disk to hold your favorite mini! Serve up any appetizer at your next gathering!

  •  Organic-Chili Starter-Savory Pumpkin Spice
  • Organic-Chili Starter-Savory Pumpkin Spice

    Classic pumpkin spices of cinnamon, ginger, allspice and nutmeg add an added layer of comforting flavor to a bowl of warming chili.

  •  Batter Shaker, Red
  • Batter Shaker, Red

    Blends effortlessly! A special blender bowl for preparing liquid batters such as crepes or pancakes.

  •  Egg Poacher
  • Egg Poacher

    Perfect poached eggs! Metal mesh in the bottom part allows the egg to cook perfectly by helping eliminate excess egg whites. and floats on the simmering water for a perfect cooking process.

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Newest Products
  • Le Creuset Silicone Handle Grips, Set of 2
  • Silicone Handle Grips, Set of 2

    Silicone handle covers provide a sure grip and protect hands while cooking. Use them on the stovetop or in the oven.

  •  Now Designs Floursack Dishtowels
  • Now Designs Floursack Dishtowels

    Colorful combinations and classic neutrals allow for a rainbow of possibilities in the kitchen. This set of soft and waffle-weave dishcloths is ready to tackle all cleaning duties.

  •  Now Designs Pure Jumbo Dishtowel
  • Now Designs Pure Jumbo Dishtowel

    There's certainly no shortage of dishtowel here, with sets of three jumbo towels. These impressive extra-large linens are ready to tackle any kitchen quest.

  •  Now Designs Symmetry Dishtowels
  • Now Designs Symmetry Dishtowels

    This Symmetry Towel is a beautiful and functional addition to your kitchen. With a wide, bold center stripe and accent side stripes, the Symmetry Towel provides a crisp pop of color on a towel hook, oven or fridge door.

  •  Now Designs Glass Towel
  • Now Designs Glass Towel

    Bartenders rejoice, for streaks on stemware are history now that there's a cotton towel ideal for drying glassware.

  •  Now Designs Bar Mop
  • Now Designs Bar Mop

    Barmops are known for outstanding absorbency and durability. This set includes three barmops that are sure to handle your cleaning tasks with ease.

  •  Now Designs Basketweave Dishtowel
  • Now Designs Basketweave Dishtowel

    This is the quintessential, all-purpose dishtowel with style and texture. Made of 100% cotton, they are perfect for clean-up duty.

    $5.95 Sold out
  •  Now Designs Basketweave Dishcloth
  • Now Designs Basketweave Dishcloth

    This is the quintessential, all-purpose dishcloth with style and texture. Made of 100% cotton, they are perfect for clean-up duty.

  •  Now Designs Ripple Dish Cloths
  • Now Designs Ripple Dish Cloths

    Thick and thirsty and made in Turkey, Ripple dishcloths are super soft and highly absorbent. A Now Designs classic, this towel has proven themselves a winner.

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