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Cooks' Tools

Every kitchen needs a collection of tools to make cooking more enjoyable. We are proud to offer cooking tools from brands like Le Creuset, Emile Henry, Charles Viancin, Joseph Joseph, Kuhn Rikon, Endurance, JK Adams & more to elevate your cooking experiences from ordinary to extraordinary!

    •  Clip Top Jar
    • Clip Top Jar

      The Kilner® Clip Top Jar is perfect for preserving healthy, home grown foods. The contemporary square jar shape is space saving making it ideal for pantry storage.

    • Emile Henry Twilight Salt Pig
    • Twilight Salt Pig

      An original tool to keep on your countertop, the Emile Henry Salt Pig allows you to always be in an arm’s reach of salt when you’re cooking.

    •  Digital Thermocouple Grill Thermometer
    • Digital Thermocouple Grill Thermometer

      Replace or upgrade your analog built-in grill thermometer with the state-of-the-art, Maverick Pro Series digital thermocouple grill thermometer.

    •  Gourmet Whisk
    • Gourmet Whisk

      Whisk with unusual shape is ideal for mixing semi-liquid doughs, such as pancake or flour batter.

    •  Supoon
    • Supoon

      Sit up Scraping Spoon

    •  Endurance Precision Pierced 5 Quart Colander
    • Endurance Precision Pierced 5 Quart Colander

      Our original design Precision Pierced Colander is covered from top to bottom with tiny, precision pierced holes that allow water to drain freely.

    •  Plancha Wide Spatula
    • Plancha Wide Spatula

      This wide spatula has an extra large surface for easily turning fish, pancakes, fried eggs and more.

    •  Plancha Spatula Small Stainless Steel
    • Plancha Spatula Small Stainless Steel

      This elongated, narrow tapered spatula is perfect for turning and mixing meat, vegetables and fruit.

    •  Pulled Pork Forks
    • Pulled Pork Forks

      Pulled Pork forks are perfect for chopping/pulling cooked pork.

    •  Barbecue Tongs, 18 In.
    • Barbecue Tongs, 18 In.

      Our favorite tongs for the grill or everyday use.

    •  Marinade Injector
    • Marinade Injector

      Inject your meat with your favorite marinade using our marinade injector.

    •  Garlic Press with Scraper
    • Garlic Press with Scraper

      Even unpeeled garlic cloves can be easily processed with the Garlic Press.

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