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Spoons & Ladles

Every well equipped kitchen has at least three spoons in it - a ladle, a serving spoon & a slotted spoon. Shop our selection of stainless steel, wood & silicone spoons & ladles and you may find a new favorite to add to your kitchen tool set!

    • All Clad Stainless Steel Skimmer
    • Stainless Steel Skimmer

      The All Clad skimmer features numerous perforations to promote quick drainage. The flat head seamlessly skims the surface of the liquid, taking away grease and impurities left behind by boiling beans or making stocks.

    • Joseph Joseph Inc Elevate Wood Carousel Multi
    • Elevate Wood Carousel Multi

      The Elevate™ Carousel Set is made up of six essential kitchen tools and comes with a carousel stand to store them stylishly in your kitchen, each utensil also features a tool rest to keep your surfaces mess-free as you cook.

    • All Clad Stainless Steel Pasta Ladle
    • Stainless Steel Pasta Ladle

      The All Clad pasta ladle has large holes to promote quick draining. The prongs grip noodles while cooking or serving pastas of all shapes and sizes.

    • All Clad Stainless Steel Ladle
    • Stainless Steel Ladle

      The smaller size of the All Clad stainless steel ladle is perfectly proportioned for serving food as well as cooking.

    • All Clad Stainless Steel Cook Serve Spoon
    • Stainless Steel Cook Serve Spoon

      The smaller sized Cook Serve Spoon is perfectly proportioned for serving food as well as cooking. The solid spoon has a flat bottom for deglazing, scraping and stirring.

    • All Clad Stainless Steel Slotted Spoon
    • Stainless Steel Slotted Spoon

      The All Clad slotted spoon features small holes to prevent food from falling through. Use for removing vegetables from boiling water or draining sauce off a braised dish.

    • Le Creuset Revolution Bi-Material Sautè Spoon
    • Revolution Bi-Material Sautè Spoon

      The spoon’s wide, flexible edge conforms to the pan, cleanly swiping ingredients for less sticking or burning.

    • Le Creuset Revolution Silicone Pasta Spoon
    • Revolution Silicone Pasta Spoon

      With its easy-grip handle, the Revolution® Bi-Material Pasta Spoon is perfect for lifting, portioning and serving spaghetti, linguine and angel hair pasta.

    • Le Creuset Revolution Bi-Material Slotted Spoon
    • Revolution Bi-Material Slotted Spoon

      Featuring a rigid nylon handle and a flexible silicone spoon, this unique tool stirs and drains delicate sauces.

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