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Honey is one of natures finest products. Known for its health benefits, we love it in hot tea on top of biscuits & fruit, or even by the spoonful to curb that sweet tooth!

    •  Palmetto Honey 12 oz.
    • Palmetto Honey 12 oz.

      Saw Palmetto Honey is a light to deep amber in color. It is full-bodied, citrusy, smoky, with woody overtones.

    •  12 oz Grill Honey
    • 12 oz Grill Honey

      Honey for the Grill is specially selected and blended to be robust enough to hold up on the grill.

    • Capital Bee Company Raw Orange Blossom Honey
    • Raw Orange Blossom Honey

      The robust citrus aromas are unexpectedly smooth as they arouse the taste buds with a sweet memory that takes you through orange groves. Made from the Orange Blossoms in California, it has an incredibly clean finish.

    •  Tea Honey, 12 Oz.
    • Tea Honey, 12 Oz.

      Honey For Your Tea is carefully chosen to be the perfect sweetener for fine teas. It sweetens without overwhelming your favorite tea's delicate flavors.

    • Capital Bee Company Bee Pollen
    • Bee Pollen

      Bee Pollen is nature’s perfectly nourishing food that contains nearly all the nutrients required by humans. Packed with antioxidants and with 40 percent protein it has been called the “Most Nutrient-Dense Superfood.”

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